Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ford in the fire truck!!

Ford in the fire truck with the fireman.

Ford going down the slide.

Yeah, Ford can go down the slide by himself.

Today, we went to Ford's Daycare Spring Fling. At first Ford didn't understand why were taking him to daycare on a Saturday, but after a few minutes he warmed up and started playing. He was able to get inside a fire truck. He enjoyed just playing on the small slide and toys. We were amazed that he could get up on the slide and go down by himself. YEAH FORD!! We are lucky to have such a great daycare. The teachers are awesome and care about all the students like their very own children.

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  1. Awh so fun....Mason and Cari have that same slide and still love it!! Glad to hear you are feeling better. See you Wednesday...