Saturday, May 23, 2009

Columbia Zoo

Ford is playing with the lizard.

He wanted to touch and hug it.

I think he thought it was real because he would not sit on it.

He wanted to pet it.

And squeeze it.

Ford was too funny. He likes to hang his foot out the side of the stroller.

Oh, what pretty birds.

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My. I see a lion.

F ord loved watching the animals in the water the best.

Ford eating his favorite snack, french fries.

We decided to put him in the backpack so he could see the animals better. He liked it for a few minutes.

Ford eating a snack and watching animals.

Ford decided he didn't want to be in the backpack anymore. He started pulling my hair. OH, that did not feel good at all. He is a very strong 17 month old baby. I didn't try that again for the rest of the day.

Ford loved watching the monkeys swing from the trees. . He wanted to get out of his stroller and get inside the cage with them.

Elephants were huge. They look like they need a good bath because they were dirty.

The Gorilla is walking. It sure is big and scary looking.

The gorilla sitting down. I would hate to meet this animal in the woods.

A seal in the water. Ford enjoyed watching the animals in the water the best.

The seal coming up for some air.

Mandy , Ford and the Bear. Ford enjoyed watching the bears. It was the first animal that we saw when we came into the park. He was still very tired because of his short nap in the car. He refused to take the passy out of his mouth. He waved to the bear and said "Hey Bear."

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