Sunday, May 31, 2009

Do you like the pool Ford? Yes or No

Ford on our first visit to the pool in the morning.

I am not getting up from my chair.

Ford was invited to a pool party on Saturday morning. He was so scared of the water and would only sit and watch the other children play. He cried if you tried to move him from his chair. Finally when Daddy got to the party, he got enough nerve to walk around the baby splash pool. He would not touch the water. We took him home for his afternoon nap. He was so tired that he almost fell asleep in Daddy's arm when he was walking up the stairs. Later that day, we took him back to the pool and he loved it. He loved getting wet with the splashing water at the baby pool. I guess he was so tired this morning that he didn't have the energy to get in the pool. Yeah, I was worried he wasn't going to enjoy the pool all summer.

1 comment:

  1. AWh...Ford sure looks like he is having fun splashing...can't wait to play with you guys more this summer.