Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy 17 months FORD!!

Ford in April 2009
Ford in April 2008

WOW!! I can't believe that Ford is already 17 months old. It goes by too fast. Here are two photos of Ford. One is taken in April 2008 and the other one is taken in April 2009. The little baby is growing into a little boy.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend in Athens with Mimi and Da

We went down to Athens for the annual bike race. We went down on Friday and came back on Sunday. Saturday morning we took Ford to the park which had a playground and small zoo. He wanted to play in the water and also enjoyed playing on the playground with Daddy while Mimi and Mommy went walking. At the park, we also saw two wild dogs that were extremely mean. They were trying to attack people. It was scary. Saturday night, we went down to the bike race downtown. Ford enjoyed being outside and watching all the people and the bikers. He loved being in the backpack on his Daddy's back. He also had his second babysitter ever. Mommy and Daddy hate leaving the little man, but didn't want to miss the big bike race. Sunday we went to eat lunch at our favorite Cuban restaurant. Ford enjoedy walking around outside and watching all the other children.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ford and His New Chair

Daddy got Ford a new little chair at Lowes on Saturday. Ford enjoyed sitting in his new chair watching his first real movie (a cartoon movie that Daddy rented for a dollar). Ford also loves his new Mickey Mouse Bunny that he got from the Easter Bunny. He carries it around the house and gives it hugs all the time.

Monday, April 13, 2009


He is in the Easter Basket. He got inside the basket all by himself. We did not show him how to get in the basket, It was so cute that I had to take some pictures. The crazy things little boys will do when they are stuck inside on a rainy day.


Ford eating candy out of the Easter Eggs. Yummy, Yummy!!
He loved the goldfish the best. Thanks Easter Bunny!!
Ford and Carissa sharing eggs.

Ford just loved playing in the grass with the eggs.

Carissa and Ford on a wagon ride. Carissa was so excited and Ford was very chilled out.

Ford enjoyed going inside and outside all day long. Perfect weather for leaving the doors open.

Ford eating a yummy lunch.
Mason and Ford playing.

Ford in his cute Easter outfit he got from Mimi.

Carrisa and Mason sitting with the lamb.

Carrisa and Ford in their Sunday Outfits.

Here are some photos from Easter Sunday. We had our friends over Angie, and Darrin and their two kids Mason (3) and Carissa (14 months) for lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. The kids had so much fun and the weather was perfect.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

More and More Egg Hunt Pictures

I uploaded all the pictures backwards from Ford's Easter Cookout and Egg Hunt. Please strat viewing from the bottom to see the pictures in the correct order.

Here are some fun pictures of Ford playing in the grass and playing peek-a-boo.

More Egg Hunt Pictures

What a great night for an Easter Egg Hunt. Perfect weather and Yummy Food.

Easter Cookout and Egg Hunt

Callie and Ford finding eggs in the backyard.

Ford eating the egg during the egg hunt.

Ford love playing with the eggs.

Callie and Ford eating at the new table Daddy made Ford for Easter. Ford's 1st dinner date.

Tori, Ford and Callie.

We had a cookout and egg hunt with our neighbors. Ford is lucky to have two girlfriends that live across the street Callie (21 months) and Tori (16 months). Ford did not really get the concept of the Egg Hunt, but he had fun playing in the grass. I have to give him credit he did get a few eggs in the basket.

Fun Easter Pictures- April 11, 2009

We had fun taking some fun Easter pictures.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Mimi and Ford outside playing.
Mimi, Ford and Da playing in the kitchen. Ford wasn't in the mood for pictures.

Da and Ford dancing in the kitchen.

Ford playing peek-a-boo with the door.

Da and Ford playing in the kitchen.

We had a wonderful time during my spring break visiting Mimi and Da.

Please read the next post below for details about the trip.

Here are some of Ford new favorite words.

"Let's Go" (he would say this any tine he wanted to leave a store or the house).

"French Fries" (his favorite food).

"ABCD" (he can say those letter very well, but can only hum the rest of the song).

"Pig" in his puzzle

"Thank You!" (when you say it to him, he repeats you).

"Where is Da?"
He talks all the time, but I starting to understand more and more words everyday. I can't believe how much he loves to talk. He must take after his Daddy.


Ford playing in the cabinets. Mimi and Da's house is not baby proff. Ford loved opening and
closing the doors.
Ford playing with Shine (the cat).

Marley Ann, Aunt Georganne, and Mimi.

Ford and Da playing the kitchen.

Ford and I went to go see Mimi and Da (my parents) over my spring break. We went down on Monday (my dad's birthday) and returned to back home on Thursday. It was a wonderful trip expect is was really cold on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ford had so much fun at Mimi and Da's house. He enjoyed pushing the baby stroller, playing on their screened in porch, playing with shine (their cat), and running laps around the house. Ford went shopping many times during the trip. I know now that Ford does not enjoy shopping. He would say in every store "Let's Go" over and over until we left the store. It was too cute, so we had to laugh at him. We went to eat at one of our favorite restuarantes. Ford had fun going down the slide and he loved watching the little puppy. I can't wait to go back to Mimi and Da's house again soon for the bike race.