Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beach Trip to Fripp Island

20 of my Favorite Memories about our Beach Trip to Fripp Island.
1. The Alligators
2. The Deer
3. Making Sand Castles with Mimi
4. Dancing with Daa
5. Eating pound cake and chocolate delight. YUMMY!!
5. Fried Shrimp made by Thom, Daa and Jon.
6. Drving the golf cart all over the Island
7. Biking all over the Island
8. Thom catching a four foot shark
9. Lucy, Harris and Ford playing with the beach balls and noodles.
10. Catching a ride from a young boy on a golf cart to stay away from an alligator.
11. Watching the Men(boys) have a food throwing contest to the ocean water.
12. Walks on the beach
13. Watching Ford climb the stairs at the beach 100 times.
14. Eating a shrimp burger at the Shrimp Shack
15. Watching the kids go down the slide at the pool.
16. Ford loving on Lucy in the golf cart one night when he was very tired little boy.
17. The LIMO golf cart.
18. Ford sleeping in the closet all week long.

**Some items show up more than once because those items were so memorable.

More Fripp Picutres

Lucy, Harris and Ford playing in the sand.
Ford climbing the stairs at the beach.

Ford is very tired!!! Time for a nap.

Yes, an alligator.

Yes, it is a deer.
Daa sleeping!!
Harris being very cute!!!

Lucy and Harris love each other.

The two little boys.
Lucy, Ford and Harris.
Lucy and Ford.
Ford and Mimi walking the beach.

Daddy with Ford in the ocean.

Lucy and Ford on the beach.

Ford on the beach.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Play Date with Mason and Carissa

Ford had so much fun with his friends Mason and Carissa. We meet them at Superior Play for a play date. It is a huge building filled with demo play sets, trampolines, and playhouses. It is free for children to play on Wednesday and Fridays. Ford loved the playhouse the best.

Ford playing in the playhouse.

Carissa with the hanging ball.

Ford saying Hey!

Ford and Carissa playing together.

Ford playing with the hanging ball.

Mason going down the slide with his daddy.

Ford and Carissa playing with balls.