Friday, December 18, 2009

November 27, 2009 Ford's Real Birthday

Yes, Ford is kissing the Tractor. We were trying to get a cute Christmas
card picture, but was unseccessful.

Ford would not get in the wheel like Daddy in the picture below.
We were in hopes of a cute Christmas card, but Ford was not in the mood
to take pictures.

We took Ford to the John Deere Tractor Museum. He had fun walking around and looking at the tractors, but did not want to get inside them. We also took him to the John Deere Toy Store. He started playing with all of the little trucks and cars in play area, but just loved this one white truck. Aunt Sally and Uncle Ralph were sweet enought to buy him the truck and tractor to take home. The little white truck is still one of his favorite toys after several weeks.

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