Thursday, April 9, 2009


Mimi and Ford outside playing.
Mimi, Ford and Da playing in the kitchen. Ford wasn't in the mood for pictures.

Da and Ford dancing in the kitchen.

Ford playing peek-a-boo with the door.

Da and Ford playing in the kitchen.

We had a wonderful time during my spring break visiting Mimi and Da.

Please read the next post below for details about the trip.

Here are some of Ford new favorite words.

"Let's Go" (he would say this any tine he wanted to leave a store or the house).

"French Fries" (his favorite food).

"ABCD" (he can say those letter very well, but can only hum the rest of the song).

"Pig" in his puzzle

"Thank You!" (when you say it to him, he repeats you).

"Where is Da?"
He talks all the time, but I starting to understand more and more words everyday. I can't believe how much he loves to talk. He must take after his Daddy.

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