Thursday, April 9, 2009


Ford playing in the cabinets. Mimi and Da's house is not baby proff. Ford loved opening and
closing the doors.
Ford playing with Shine (the cat).

Marley Ann, Aunt Georganne, and Mimi.

Ford and Da playing the kitchen.

Ford and I went to go see Mimi and Da (my parents) over my spring break. We went down on Monday (my dad's birthday) and returned to back home on Thursday. It was a wonderful trip expect is was really cold on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ford had so much fun at Mimi and Da's house. He enjoyed pushing the baby stroller, playing on their screened in porch, playing with shine (their cat), and running laps around the house. Ford went shopping many times during the trip. I know now that Ford does not enjoy shopping. He would say in every store "Let's Go" over and over until we left the store. It was too cute, so we had to laugh at him. We went to eat at one of our favorite restuarantes. Ford had fun going down the slide and he loved watching the little puppy. I can't wait to go back to Mimi and Da's house again soon for the bike race.

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